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Curaçao is located about 35 miles off the north-western coast of Venezuela. We call it a great business hub because of its geographical location. It’s well positioned for doing business with its South American counterparts, or with the United States. The island has been a very popular destination for doing business and starting your own business for years, especially among Dutch entrepreneurs. Significant competitive advantages and of course the climate are just two of many reasons.

If you want to start your business in Curaçao you will have to deal with many different rules, regulations and you will have to file many applications for the various permits. 


Without a doubt you can use Google to do export research and you will find a lot of information. But you are looking for the right entrance to make a good start. You need partners and ambassadors for your product or service in Curaçao. How do you know if you are making the right match? The Van Holland Group helps companies with export research in Curaçao and find contacts in the right international network. On the basis of this customized process, for example, a market survey or a market entry follows.



Of the right contacts are not at the top of Google or LinkedIn



More choice options thanks to an extensive export market research



More chance of success with an export research through a feasible export plan



Responding to the right trends in the best potential markets

Business Hub Curaçao

With an affluent economy, a low inflation rate, a stable currency, and one of the highest living standards in the Caribbean― Curaçao is considered a global business hub. The country is well-positioned to do business with its South American counterparts or with the United States. Besides, Dutch entrepreneurs, especially, have made the island a popular place for foreigners to start their own businesses and do business.

A variety of reasons make Curaçao an excellent choice for foreigners to start a business here. Let’s dig deep into those reasons and see why to choose Curaçao for your business hub.

Why Choose Curaçao for Your Business Hub?

Tropical weather conditions are a harsh reality for most Caribbean locations. In recent decades, there have been many examples of disasters such as volcanoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes destroying businesses. However, located below the hurricane belt, Curaçao is lucky to be free from such natural disaster risks.

If you want to start your business in this region, Curaçao’s geography, political climate, and easy access to local fiber networks make it the ideal Safe Harbor for disaster recovery.

Below are a few other reasons why you should choose Curaçao as your business hub.

Easy Access to European and US Markets

Due to its status as part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Curaçao offers you favorable fiscal and legal conditions for entering the European Union and the United States.

Incentives Are Available From the Government.

For overseas businesses, Curaçao offers special incentives to establish themselves in designated free zones to boost its hub position’s growth. Import duties are 0%, revenue taxes are 0%, and profit taxes are only 2%.

Multilingualism Is Widespread

Curaçao’s rich history of cultural migration has led to almost every person speaking two or more languages. It helps you hire local talent, as well as deal with vendors and service providers efficiently and effectively.

24/7 Surveillance for a Safe Working Environment

There are two Tax and Duty-Free Zones, one at the airport and one at the seaport, in addition to a third Industrial Park. The parks are gated with 24/7 security, and cameras are throughout.

Turnkey Storage, Assembly, Distribution, and Sales Facilities of the Highest Quality

To be able to provide good service to your global clients, free trade zones are full-fledged business parks with multifunctional buildings for storage, assembly, distribution, repair, and more.

You Can Ship in Smaller Containers

The Caribbean and Latin America are populated by small resellers who lack the volume or resources to manage bulk purchases. Your market will be considerably expanded if you give them the option to buy and ship in smaller loads.

Multiple Daily Flights to the United States and Direct Flights to Many North American Destinations

Many small retailers travel directly to the country to pick up their merchandise and have it shipped. Traveling by air to your location is crucial, and Curaçao gives you that convenience.

Easy Distribution

The island of Curaçao is located off the coast of Venezuela in the Southern Caribbean. A container port that is one of the best in the region and an airport with advanced technology that meets international standards: a perfect combination that makes it the best business hub in the region.

Good Technological and Physical Infrastructure.

A reliable state-of-the-art telecom infrastructure with six submarine cables, Tier IV Data Centers, and good roads make it easy to launch your business.

You want to set up your business in Curaçao. So what is a good market entry strategy? There are various ways to enter a market. You will discover what best suits your company and corporate culture during a market entry process.
  • Think of warm introductions to new business partners
  • Maintaining contacts when you are not in Curaçao yourself
  • Guidance in applying for all permits

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