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Curaçao Front- and back-office business support

Office Support

Front- and back offices refer to different business operations within a company. The activities that drive revenue and customer interaction fall into the front office. In contrast, the processes that deliver quality products and services are considered to be in the back office.

Your business can grow to the next level with great front- and back-office support. And both of these functions can be outsourced to reap significant benefits. Consequently, it’s crucial to see in-depth what these processes are and why should you outsource them.

However, in modern businesses, pinpointing these processes can prove challenging. It can be difficult to know where to prioritize business automation and increase efficiencies because there is often a crossover and confusion over what actually makes up a front office and back office.

Which systems are part of the front office support? 

Typically, the front office involves client-facing roles. Clients, both current and potential, are the primary focus of the front office. The responsibilities of this area include marketing, sales and post-sales support.

Front office employees deal directly with customers and are responsible for taking orders and making sure they are satisfied. In the company as a whole, the front office support is vitally responsible for revenue growth since it handles customer satisfaction.

Front office responsibilities and roles  

To support the front office, the marketing department implements several marketing strategies. Often, marketing teams research customers and learn about their needs while at the same time engaging in PR activities. A few of the front office support tasks include: 

  • Help Desk Support: Services can help both employees and customers evaluate problems and provide technical assistance. Customer satisfaction, quality improvement, and a better handle on staffing are some of the benefits of help desk support.
  • Customer Service: The right way of running a business means giving priority to customers. Good customer service depends heavily on having the right amount of trained staff available at all times. Resource management is a heavy-duty job that is best outsourced to a service provider with experience.
  • Market Survey and research: Sustainable growth begins with understanding competitors. Understanding market behavior is also essential to making informed decisions. Market research and surveys are best to leave an outsource company, as it knows the market better than you.

In contrast to the front office, the back office consists of areas of the organization that do not directly drive revenue but provide essential functional features that support business operations on a daily basis.

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Which systems are part of the back office support?

In contrast to the front office, the back office consists of areas of the organization that do not directly drive revenue but provide essential functional features that support business operations on a daily basis.

Most back-office employees do not directly interact with customers. However, the back office’s prime responsibility is to ensure that every aspect of business operations is completed smoothly and efficiently. A back-office consists of operations, human resources, IT, compliance, and accounting departments. 

Many companies believe front-office processes and staff are more important than back-office teams and procedures, but the company could not function without the latter. The back office manages the organization’s finances, maintains the computer systems, and finds new talent, thus essential to the company’s success. 

Back office responsibilities and roles

Back offices are an important part of any organization. In most cases, online businesses would not be able to function without help from the IT department. Using back-office activities, front-end personnel can plan, monitor, and increase business productivity.

Every organization has a department that is responsible for back-office functions. The following represent some basic back-office tasks:

HR Management

Larger organizations require a comprehensive solution that takes care of onboarding, tax management, payroll processing, benefits management, time tracking, and employee separation, among other functions.

Accounting Functions

Any organization’s primary cost centre is accounts payable and receivable. It is the back-office responsibility that payments that have been delayed or deferred must be handled, while completed payments must be updated.

Data Management

In the age of Analytics and Big Data, organizations realize the importance of collecting huge amounts of data. Managing these sets requires people, processes and technologies. So, it is better to outsource this task to an outsourcer company if you don’t have enough resources (like people or technologies).

Quality Assurance

Standardizing processes can help improve flexibility and scalability across an organization.

The back-office role and responsibility provide organizations with an essential foundation. Front-office teams would not be supported to attract new clients and build new revenue streams unless professionals managed vital, behind-the-scenes activities of the company.

Moreover, back-office teams are crucial to the organization’s and its employees’ success.

Both front- and back-office roles play a crucial role in the growth and smooth operation of the company. Initially, it was thought that business growth depended mostly on front-office employees and processes, but this is changing with companies realizing the importance of having a strong back office department that works closely with the front office.


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Front- and back-office business support outsourcing

Outsourcing has become an intelligent international business support strategy for most companies over the past decade. To help supplement and enhance business operations, companies often contract their front- and back-office solutions to suppliers throughout the world.

Businesses can expand their reach while maintaining their core values by outsourcing certain business processes to their BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) provider. That allows businesses to offer the best customer service no matter where they are located geographically or how they communicate.

There are many aspects of everyday business operations that BPO firms handle, and at times the responsibilities of one division differ from those of another. A BPO firm helps companies grow or expand by creating innovative solutions that can scale to meet their needs.

You can outsource the following types of front-office work:

  • Marketing and sales
  • Customer care
  • Technical support
  • Research
  • Market survey
  • After-sales service
  • Help desk support
  • Taking outbound and inbound calls

You can outsource the following types of back-office work:

  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • IT functions
  • Data Management
  • Administration
  • Content writing
  • Reporting
  • Digital Marketing
  • Office agents
  • Quality assuring

Have you considered outsourcing your front/back-office support services?

When a business has the right outsourcing strategy, it can expand its wings and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. The right outsourcing agency can ease the burden of non-core business concerns and let you concentrate on your core business activities.

What can Van Holland Group do for you?

Curaçao is among the most popular places to start a new business or set up an office in Europe for an existing one. However, getting the most out of your investment means navigating a wide range of commercial, regulatory, and compliance issues. That is where Van Holland’s international business support steps in.

Our multidisciplinary team has helped several companies set up and grow in Curaçao. We handle the legal, accounting, tax, and other day-to-day aspects of running a business so that management can concentrate on making their ventures successful.

Especially for foreign companies investing in Curaçao, we have deep experience with Dutch compliance and reporting requirements. Moreover, we are experts both in the local market and in supporting businesses that want to use Curaçao as a base for expanding to other parts of Europe. We can help you rent your business office in Curaçao.

Besides this, as your outsourcing partner, Van Holland can skilfully handle your front and back-office support tasks. At Van Holland, instead of being just a third-party service provider, we strive to facilitate your front office tasks with our high-end back office support.

Our back-office support strategy differs from other providers as we provide tailor-made back office support solutions to meet the unique needs of your business.

Following are the front/back-office services we provide


We take care of all your accounting needs. We assist with all aspects of general bookkeeping, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, management accounts preparation, filing taxes, and other tax matters.

ECommerce and retail

Our team supports the eCommerce industry in several ways. Website design, software development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), customer support, administration, and accounting are all included in this category.

Multilingual support

Today’s business landscape allows even small companies access to a global market. However, language barriers can hinder this process. Outsourcing business processes allows companies to overcome this obstacle with multilingual support. At Van Holland, we offer English, Spanish and Dutch support- so language barriers don’t affect your success.

Manufacturing and logistics

Manufacturing and logistics companies can rely on us for back-office support services. You can outsource your back-office admin work to our low-cost offshore resources.

Online bookkeeping services

It is crucial to run your business successfully and strategically if you have clean books. However, this process can be challenging and time-consuming.

By automating expense categorization, you can save valuable time that could be spent on growing your business. With cloud and online software, you can combine bookkeeping with the creation of VAT returns and can save even more time. We, at the Caribbean Back Office in Curaçao, do all the hard work for you right here in Willemstad so you can save your time and focus on the business.

Pricing Overview

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What is the best solution for you?

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