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Van Holland Group Curaçao offers entrepreneurs guidance and knowledge when starting their business with a market survey

Market Survey

Before you start writing your export plan, a market survey is necessary. Preferably with the help of someone who knows the country well. The right contacts and a personal network.

By doing a market survey you’ll get an answer to all of your questions.

  • What are the  market trends at this moment?
  • Which parties and (government) organizations play a role and can help you?
  • What are the requirements and regulations for your product or service in Curaçao?

An international market survey gives you a clear view on your own objectives.

The most important thing is to decide who your target audience is. Getting this wrong might mess up your whole survey and eventually cost you a lot of money.
We try to come up with screening questions you want to ask your audience. This way we can eliminate those that not meet your criterea.

Furthermore our team can help you with:

  • collecting information
  • analyzing the data
  • implementing the outcome

You want to set up your business in Curaçao. So what is a good market entry strategy? There are various ways to enter a market.

You will discover what best suits your company and corporate culture during a market entry process.

  • Think of warm introductions to new business partners
  • Maintaining contacts when you are not in Curaçao yourself
  • Guidance and help with applying for all permits

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