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Congratulations, you are going to do business in, with or via Curaçao.

Van Holland Curaçao helps you with planning, implementation and international support. Build a modern organization and make use of our network in the Caribbean.

Open a flex office in Curaçao

What is your plan?

Why is Curaçao the best place to start?

Curaçao can be a great HUB if you want to do business in the Caribbean, the United States or South America. But what are your options?

We work together with renowned lawyers. Based on your specific industry, product, service or market, we match you for the best advice in line with your international business plan.

Where do I find the right staff?

Despite all the online tools, you still want to look someone in the eye before he or she gets to work for you. Van Holland Group helps you with your H&R and has an extensive network of permanent, flex and part-time employees. We even tap in to the huge market of trainees and local young professionals.


Average savings

On hours and payroll

How the Van Holland Group System Works
Roadmap doing business in and with Curaçao

How the Van Holland Group System Works


Tell us your goal, together we work on the plan.

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Entity Management

Strategic choices, a sharp focus with the right partners

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Business HUB Curaçao

Build your business in Curaçao step by step.

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Back Office Support

Grow your (export) business with the help of a local team.

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Van Holland Group, Curaçao specialist

The road to success!

Dream. Idea. Result.

How we can help your company establish a Thriving Curacao Entity.

In a tale of growth and expansion, our partnership transforms your vision into a tangible reality. With sights set on establishing a Curacao entity, our expert team steps in, armed with specialized knowledge and unwavering commitment to success.

First, our dedicated professionals meticulously assisted in setting up a robust back office, ensuring seamless operations and efficiency. Next, our talented marketing support team crafted a comprehensive strategy, amplifying your companies reach and brand presence. Finally, we assembled a dynamic sales team, equipped with the expertise to close deals and drive revenue.

With our guidance your company will flourish, capturing new markets and achieving unprecedented growth. A testament to our unwavering support, your Curacao entity shines as a beacon of success in the business landscape.

No complicated forms, just give us a call.

Let us help you grow!

Let us help you grow!

Expanding your business internationally, with a specific focus on the vibrant Caribbean market, is a strategic move you’ve been considering. Now, the question is: How do you turn this vision into a reality?

Embarking on the journey of international business is often a pivotal step towards achieving unprecedented success for many companies. Let’s explore the practical steps you need to take to make it happen in using the Caribbean region as your HUB.

States in the United States
Affiliated Business Experts
Offices in different continents
Market entry projects in 2023

25+ years

International Experience


Our team

It's Personal!

Nevita M.G. Mezas, graduated in 2004 as Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) majored in Entrepreneurship. She is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (ACAMS-USA).

Nevita has worked for several leading financial institutions in the Netherlands. With this broad experience on several layers Nevita went  independent as JustNeva, a consultancy specialized in strategic planning, compliance and cash management.

In 2014, she founded The Business Connection, a consultancy offering strategic and operational planning agency; co-supported by her broad network . She operates as a Business Consultant for the foundations, financial sector and private sector.

All this knowledge and experience is finally shared seeing that she is a facilitator on several quality improvement training for financial institutions and entrepreneurs courses.

Nevita is an active member and certified trainer of JCI IOBA Curaçao, a worldwide network organization that creates opportunities to empower young citizens to create positive change. She actively organized the “The Creative Young Entrepreneurs Award program” for many years. The Van Holland Group is proud to have Nevita leading our international and local team in the Curacao office named The Business Oasis.

Managing Director Van Holland Curaçao



growth of business by being close to both US and Latin market



languages because of international students and young professionals.



or more savings on start-up costs and prevention of beginner mistakes.



growth of business due to support in multiple time zones


Team Van Holland Group Curaçao
Our team is here to help

Team Van Holland Group Curaçao

A team of entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs.

Nevita M. G. Mezas Managing Director Curaçao
Erik Broekhuijsen Innovation Box IP BV Specilalist
Annette Vandenberg Businesspartner - USA
Sam Kruiner CARICOM & OCTs Associate
Luiz Bueno de Freitas Filho Trade Attaché Brazilië
Ammel Hamdy Marketing Manager
Florien Jansen Onboarding Specialist
Jan-Luc Blakborn Houston Texas Specialist
Simon Dery Business Development Miami
Danielle Berden Strategic Advisor - Los Angeles Specialist
Specific Knowledge

Specific Knowledge

Our commitment is to provide you with the finest support and state-of-the-art tools, ensuring your international plan not only thrives but achieves remarkable success.

Innovation Box Regime
$ 7950 /from
  • IP BV Compliance
  • Intangible Assets
  • Intellectual Property
  • Effective Tax Rate of 0%
Set Up a BV or NV
$ 3945 /from
  • Your Curaçao (Holding) BV
  • Legal Representative
  • Caribbean HUB
  • Local Agent Optional
Your own Curaçao Office
$ 299 /month
  • Suitable for setting up a BV
  • Business License
  • Own postal address
  • Advisory Council Network

Stories from our relations

  • “I turned to the company because there was a need to change something, the business "froze". Several strategies were suggested to me. The price suited – worked together perfectly!”

    Andrew Boreanaz
  • “We were satisfied with our cooperation with this export consulting company. Absolutely all services are provided on time and in full, everything is detailed, clear and to the point.”

    Salma Jolie Bloom
  • “Thank you for your help in resolving export policy issues! We received logical recommendations, were able to implement them, and our company came to life, sales went up. Thanks!”

    Armand Pattinson

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