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Van Holland Curaçao helps entrepreneurs open up their new business in the Caribbean


in Curaçao

Curaçao is your stepping stone to do business in the US, Caribbean or South America

Open your local Curaçao Office

Grow your business Step-By-Step

You want to grow your business and sell your product or service in Curaçao. Then you cannot avoid having to open your own local Curaçao office. For your business address, for your permits and of course for your professional expressions. Your own office is an important part of the export step-by-step plan.

To do business with major clients, government and local partners a BV  is almost always required. You can compare this to a LLC in America, a Dutch BV (Netherlands), a French SARL or a German Gmbh. Therefor you need a local address. We offer the possibility to use our office especially for this. Choose the Curaçao office space that suits your growth plans.


We offer three options for opening a Curaçao office.

Join our business network in Curaçao.

The right contacts and the right people for your growing plans.

Choose the office space that suits your export plans.

Location Willemstad Curaçao

Additional terms

  • Contract minimal 1 year
  • Start-up costs = 1 month deposit
  • Prices excl VAT

Office Services

Of course we can help you with more matters than just an office. Think, for example, of your own Curaçao telephone number. Such a number can be forwarded to a local number in your country via VOIP, internet telephone.

We can also help you with customer support. Who answers the phone, who answers your emails in English or Papiamentu and who follows up leads.

To ensure that your export back office grows with your company here in Curaçao you can flexibly hire local employees for administrative support.

Open your own or virtual Curaçao office in Willemstad

What is the best solution for you?

We are happy to help you with personal advice.

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