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the Van Holland Group helps you with business development in Curaçao


Business Development

There is a lot involved in exporting from an organizational and intercultural point of view. For Europeans, Curaçao is in the perfect timezone. Just a 6 hour time difference. But, your customer is always online. How can you give proper international support?

The Van Holland Group helps you locally with the best people. Business Development with export Sales and  Marketing for example. With flexible solutions we can help almost anyone within the budget that is available.



Faster growth by connecting to the right network



Improving efficiency through dashboarding



Let our specialists become part of your company

The right strategic choices​

In the example below you can see exactly what goes wrong on average when doing international business. By using our export support you can avoid the biggest pitfalls.

Thanks to our handy checklists, you can be sure that your preparation is in order. Doing business is always a risk, you know that. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your story? Do you want more turnover, or better margins due to a higher volume? Do you want to replace customers you lost during the crisis? Or do you want to grow in a specific niche market? By asking the right questions and answers, the export advice will contribute to your goals.

Although every company is different, the problems are often the same. Exporting starts with good preparation and with the help of a local team that knows the market well.

What can go wrong?

Benefits of working with us

Systematic Approach

Online marketing and inbound sales with smart social media deployment

Smart planning

Data, AI, IoT, CRM and analytics take the coincidence out of your export plan

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Export Management

Reporting and management of E-KPIs

Profit Optimization

Transparency in Cost structure and revenue flows

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