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17DecCuraçao has long been known as a hub for international business and investment, with its strategic location and bilingual population.

How Curaçao’s Financial Infrastructure is Paving the Way for International Investment

Curaçao has long been known as a hub for international business, with its strategic location, bilingual population, and modern infrastructure. In recent years, the island has focused on developing its financial infrastructure to attract even more foreign investment.

One key factor in Curaçao’s success as an international financial center is its regulatory framework. The island has a well-established legal system based on Dutch civil law, which provides investors with stability and predictability. Additionally, Curaçao has been praised for its commitment to anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) regulations, which help prevent illicit financial activities and promote transparency.

Another factor that makes Curaçao an attractive location for international investment is its tax regime. The island offers a range of tax incentives, including a low corporate tax rate of just 22%, no withholding tax on interest or royalties, and no capital gains tax. These incentives make Curaçao a cost-effective place to do business, especially for companies in the financial sector.

Curaçao Office Services

Curaçao’s financial sector is also supported by a range of modern and efficient services. The island has a sophisticated banking system, with both local and international banks operating on the island. There are also several trust offices and other financial service providers that can assist investors with structuring and managing their investments in Curaçao.

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to invest in Curaçao’s financial sector is the island’s connectivity to the wider world. Curaçao has an international airport. It offers direct flights to North and South America, Europe, and other Caribbean destinations. Additionally, Curaçao is home to the Curaçao International Financial Center which offers a range of services to facilitate international investment. Also including company formation, tax planning, and legal and regulatory compliance.

Stable regulatory framework

Curaçao has a great financial infrastructure, making it an attractive destination for global investment. It has stable regulations, attractive tax incentives and modern financial services. Also a strong global connectivity, which positions it well for future foreign investments.

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