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2Jan Registration of an offshore company in Curacao

Registration of Company in Curacao

Let’s chat about Curaçao for a minute. Did you know this gorgeous island is also one of the best places on the planet to register an offshore company? It is packed with opportunities! Let me explain why.

First off, it’s a destination brimming with political stability. When you’re setting up shop away from home, you want the assurance of a calm political climate that promotes a peaceful co-existence business-wise. That’s exactly what Curaçao offers. You can expect smooth operation of your business, without the surprise turbulence arising from political instability. With its tranquil and steady environment, it definitely gives your business a solid foundation for success.

Next, let’s talk economics. You bet, Curaçao is rocking it in the economic growth department. The island’s economy has not just been steady; it’s been sailing along an upward trajectory. This spells opportunity and promises a fertile ground for businesses to thrive. It’s like Mother-Nature pouring sunshine on well-tended fields – creating the perfect conditions for growth and prosperity. And who wouldn’t want that?

Lastly, but certainly not least – foreign investments. In Curaçao, you’re not just a foreign investor, you may as well be greeted with a welcome sign! They embrace foreign investments with open arms and a beaming smile. The friendly local attitude towards outside business is beyond welcoming. So, take my word for it; Curaçao’s almost like a second home for your venture.

In summation, Curaçao is a magic combo of political stability, economic growth, and a welcoming atmosphere for foreign investments. It’s like a well-guarded secret place for business success. It’s every business owner’s paradise and simply one of the top-notch spots to register an offshore company. So why wait? Curaçao awaits the landing of your business venture!

Corporate structures

Are you considering Curaçao for your company registration? Trust me, it’s not only the beautiful beaches and amazing weather that make it attractive! Let’s delve into the specifics.

Typically, the most popular option here is the registration of a private company with limited liability, affectionately referred to as the “Netherlands Antilles Besloten Vennootschap” (Don’t be scared of the lengthy name, it’s simply known as NABV or even shorter – N.V. or B.V.).

What makes the NABV the Rockstar of corporate structures? Let’s break down the features:

  1. One word – Tax! If structured correctly, your company could be free from this financial burden. It’s like a magic wand that makes your monetary headaches disappear. But remember, the structure of your company is key here!
  2. A minimum of 10% of shares must be found strutting their stuff in the Register of Shareholders. A little bit like your VIP list of company ownership!
  3. Shareholders have their annual reunion where they discuss company matters. And yes, Trustees get their invitation too! It’s all about transparency and keeping up-to-date.
  4. Dust off your ledger! Companies are obliged to maintain financial records and endure a good ol’ audit. It’s like their yearly health check-up.
  5. To add some more tax-busting magic, the companies must act as investment or holding companies.
  6. Money matters. The income must be gathered either in the parent firm or at another jurisdiction. It’s a brilliant way to ensure profit maximization!

Perhaps the NABV strikes you as a bit stuffy. No worries. The Public Partnership (limited partnership) may be more your style. This structure comes with its own unique set of features:

  1. The presence of both limited partners and managing partners. It’s like having a superhero team, each with their unique powers.
  2. Formation can either be by a notary (which sounds super official), or by a private deed, giving you a choice in how you set up your partnership.
  3. Everyone’s responsible for their own tax dues – it’s kind of like ‘you eat what you kill.’

Let’s now turn our attention to an industry that’s become synonymous with Curaçao — gambling! If you’ve ever dreamt of owning your own Monte Carlo, you’re in luck. Gaming is one of the prime business activities in the jurisdiction, chiefly due to the super advantageous legislative practices and an infrastructure system that makes running a casino seem like a walk in the park. So while the rest of the world bets, in Curaçao, you could be the house! Life’s a game, isn’t it? Play it right in Curacao!

Business Magnet

Ever wonder why Curaçao is like a magnet pulling in businesses from all over the world? I mean besides the obvious breathtaking beaches, perfect weather, and incredible culture, of course?

Well, let’s dive into the major reasons:

  1. Money, money, money – it makes the world go round, right? But in Curaçao, companies only fork out 2% of their profit for tax. That’s it! Sounds like a fantastic benefit for your bottom line!
  2. Dividends are like the cherries on top of your business cake, and in Curaçao, there’s unlimited supply! Indulge and relish in the fact that the boundary lines for withdrawing them simply don’t exist!
  3. Navigating through the licensing process is super easy-peasy. Plus, it’s not just easy, but it’s lightening fast too! This must be one of their secret recipes for encouraging businesses to start up.
  4. Are you venturing into the casino business? You’ll love the next-gen technical support available here. It’s like having a top-tier tech wizard at your disposal around the clock!
  5. And guess what? You don’t even need to register an office space there. How’s that for convenience and cash-saving?

But wait, there’s more!

To kick-start your corporate journey in this vibrant Caribbean paradise, you’ll need to gather a small list of documents:

  1. A Xerox of your identity proof – your business, your identity!
  2. A sneaky snapshot of your living address via utility bills – gotta prove it’s you. Just remember, they gotta be younger than two months from the company registration date!
  3. A shining recommendation from your bank – it’s like having a vouching buddy.
  4. Information regarding your income – it’s simply income show-and-tell!
  5. An application form – the official ‘I’m starting a company’ announcement.
  6. Details on your company’s activities and software – a bit of a business teaser, if you like.

And now, the last but – by no means – least factor, the costs.

A key reason many companies head to Curaçao is for the low costs and minimal tax rates. It’s a little like finding the perfect pair of designer shoes at a bargain sale – exhilarating! This is particularly why gambling companies flock to this haven.

Combine the reasonable cost factor with the light taxation, and you’ve got a perfect business paradise. It’s almost a no-brainer for why businesses register in Curaçao. They’re the winning hand in the business gamble! Enjoy the run and let your business ride high on the Curaçao wave!

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