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Export Plan

Export offers new opportunities for your company. It can also lead to more sales. You don’t just start exporting. Good preparation and a step-by-step plan will help you with a successful expansion of your company.

A good export plan consists of at least 12 main topics. Based on the new business models and export insights, we work on a custom-written manual for your company.


Together we create the blueprint with a unique value proposition for your product or service

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Looking for opportunities

What are your wishes and goals? Take advantage of the company’s special features

Company Formation

Are you ready to conquer the world with your company?

Entrepreneurs currently have opportunities worldwide. And that also brings a world full of competitors. Finding and developing new markets is necessary for a company. However, it appears that many entrepreneurs have difficulty taking the first step. With a step-by-step plan you get clearer goals and you can start your business succesfully in Van Holland Group helps you start your business in Curaçao.

Exporting to Curaçao

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your story? Do you want more turnover, or do you want better margins due to a higher volume? Do you want to replace customers you lost during the crisis? Or do you want to grow in a specific market? When you start your business in Curaçao, with the right questions and answers, it can contribute to your goals.

Our local representative will helpt you start your business and with your export plan

Step-By-Step Export Plan

Van Holland Group is a specialist in drawing up your export sales & marketing plan. Anyone can fill a container with products, provide them with the right documents and ship them.

What then?

Who will supervise the marketing locally? Who sets up the sales system for you and continues to monitor it? That’s where our strength lies. We will go through your export plan together, improve it where necessary and keep the focus on sales.

  • Step 1

Am I ready to export?
There are many opportunities to start your business and make it grow by exporting. Make the move to Curaçao. With the right preparation you reduce the risks.

  • Step 2

Make an export plan
An export plan helps you to weigh the advantages and disadvantages against each other. Map out the risks and possible rewards and work on a plan with a clear goal.

  • Step 3

Determine your ideal market
Identifying your ideal market is perhaps the most important part of developing the right export strategy. Three factors determine the so-called market shape: the number of suppliers, the number of customers and the question whether the traded products are equal.

  • Step 4

Do business with big companies
There are new opportunities thanks to technology and the way we do business with each other. Relatively smaller SMEs can thus still be competitive on the global trading stage.

  • Step 5

Develop an export marketing strategy
To be successful in another country, thorough knowledge of the local market is important. Market research plus a marketing strategy that is in line with the local culture.

  • Step 6

Enter the market
In this phase you will actually implement the plan. You use the market entry strategy for this. A number of steps in which all preparations come together.

  • Step 7

Delivering your product or service
Sometimes international shipping can turn out to be a little more complicated than you thought. By working this out well in advance in your plan, this step will also be easy.

  • Step 8

Financing export
Financing based on hard figures. Make sure that all information is in a well-founded financial plan so that you can continue to pre-finance.

  • Step 9

Managing the sales unit
Selling in another country requires a strong sales force. We help you set up marketing & sales networks so that exports can continue and grow.

Export Plan - Stappenplan | Het export model canvas
In Practice
Export plan examples

In Practice

You can execute an export plan in various ways. Are you assuming a revenue forecast? Do you first look at the market or the volume potential? Based on realistic expectations and forecasts with a sharp eye for the available budget, you work step by step on your international growth.

Export Sales and Marketing

If you want to be successful as an entrepreneur in Curaçao, you will have to ensure that the sales and marketing activities are aligned with the country you are going to focus on.

Comply with local law and regulations

Part of the plan is to avoid legal hassles. Everyone knows the stories of lawyers and claims for damages. So what is a good solution for you?

Export Competitive Analysis

Is the product or service that you want to offer in Curaçao actually unique? Or how can your product or service distinguish itself from competitors.

Make use of our office and network

To really establish yourself as a company, you need an office address. With our own headquarters in Willemstad, we can support you.

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